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Brown Betty Teapot


Our handmade classic Brown Betty teapot is adorned with a simple blue and cream band, in keeping with the original Sadler Brown Betty of the 1930s. The teapot is made from red marl clay, a clay found only in Staffordshire, which is also used for bricks and roof slates. Once glazed and fired it holds special heat retaining properties, so you are always guaranteed a good hot cup of tea.

This is the last of our stock - sadly the high cost of their handmade manufacture has taken its tole and the supplier has ceased making them.

We currently stock them in 3 sizes, yet have very few of the larger sizes left. Make your choice by using the Please Select button at the bottom of this page:

2 cup £26

4 cup £29.50

6 cup £36

Capacity 2 cup 0.5L / 4 cup 1L / 6 cup 1.5L

Height 2 cup 11cm / 4 cup 13cm / 6 cup 14cm

Width of body  2 cup 10.5cm / 4 cup 12.5cm / 6 cup 13.5cm

Would you like a brush to clean the spout? click here

Please note: these teapots are handmade and so there may be some small imperfections in the glaze.