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Wooden Spoons


Just ONE left! our collection of vintage wooden cooking spoons. Decades of use has given each its own beautiful patination, with a few scorch marks here and there, where the cook has left the spoon too close to the stove.

We are selling these for £16.50 each - please make your choice by first clicking on the secondary image, and then in the box below. ONLY SPOON “E” NOW AVAILABLE.

Year of manufacture: c.1930 - 1960

Origin: France & UK 

Material: beech

Length of spoons:

A  31cm SOLD


B  29cm SOLD

C  35cm SOLD

D  31cm SOLD

E  28.5cm

F  35cm SOLD

Condition: Lots of wear and tear from decades of stirring, including the odd scorch mark - which is all part of their charm and adds to their desirability.