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Black & White


Our black and white collection is a gathering of a few of our favourite vintage kitchen things, along with a white ostrich feather duster to keep everything spick-and-span. If you're tempted by any of these one-off vintage items, or indeed yearn for a prestigious white feather duster, then please make your choice in the box below.

Enamel Kitchen Table

A good-looking mid-century enamel topped kitchen table. The white enamel top has a black enamel rim, and is carried on an off-white painted steel frame fitted with a single drawer and tapering steel legs. For dimensions and full details click here.


Outsized enamel pan

An extra-large industrial black and cream enamel pan that would make a wonderful wastepaper bin, workshop dustbin or shed tidy for holding potting compost or all those bits and bobs that need a handsome home. It also makes a stunning houseplant pot holder, and, if your need is for an outsized boiling pan, then this is surely it. For dimensions and full details click here.


Enamel bowls

We have just the one stack of these white enamel bowls. Each has a black enamelled rim - and they have good weight. Perfect for pasta, noodles, soup and salad. Diameter 24cm.

£14 each

White ostrich feather duster

A full head of white ostrich feathers set on a long pale wood handle makes up our much sort-after white feather duster. It is excellent for all your dusting needs that require the lightest of touches. For dimensions and full details click here.