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Victorian Curio Dome


A late 19th century glass dome set on its original black painted wooden base, which may have once been a globe de mariée, un reliquaire d'amour - a marriage dome, that held love tokens amongst gilded wire foliage.

Create your very own precious unobtainable world in miniature, just as the Victorians did; use this magical antique dome to display a collection of shells, feathers, manuscripts, dried flowers or taxidermy, or any other curiosities that inspire. The fine hand-blown glass contains small air bubble inclusions and imperfections, only found in antique glass, which will lend your diorama an ethereal quality.

Year of manufacture: c. 1880

Origin: France

Material: Glass with wood base

Diameter: Base 21.5 cm Glass 19cm

Height: Overall 53cm Glass dome itself 49.5cm

Condition: Excellent

Note: we have more antique domes in different sizes, so please do call us if you’re after something larger.

Shipping: pick up from our store or by special courier only, these are too fragile to be sent by post.