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Bottle Brush Master



Yes. It’s for real. You can never have enough bottle brushes.  Every kitchen sink should have the full gamut at hand, and this is it: the bottle brush master set, wrapped and packed into our largest gift box. The perfect present for those that believe in being fully armed. Here’s the round-up:

Prices start at £58.80. Make your choice by clicking in the box below. The completed boxed set as pictured is £124.80 and includes, from left to right:

Vintage archive box £29

Our A G Hendy & Co branded boxes will make your gift that extra special. Constructed from vulcanized cardboard with an internal aluminium frame and rivets for extra rigidity, they were originally made for a well-known central London museum in the 1950s to be used as archive boxes.  Never used, they were recently discovered in a forgotten store room belonging to the museum. Once unpacked, the box offers further very useful storage solutions for today’s office and home. 

Vase brush £16.50

The comfortable beech wood handle affords a good grip and the full bristle head deals with all curves and corners of lime-scaled vases and sediment stained decanter and carafe bases.  Just-the-job too for tackling stains in tall drinking glasses, water flagons and bottles. Length 35cm

Tube brush £13.00

This soft goat hair brush is excellent for the cleaning of very thin flower holders, such as single bloom vases, and other long thin narrow spaces.  As it is very gentle, it is perfect for cleaning antique china and glass, such as figurines, tea sets and other valuable ornaments, as the icicle-shaped head carefully coaxes out ingrained dirt from all nooks and crannies. Length 48cm

Teapot spout brush £3.50

A nifty little brush that will dive down your teapot spout and do the business, as it will in all tight small spaces, such as between the tines of a fork, inside salt and pepper pots, through the perforations of your grater, around the garlic crusher, and through the holes of a sugar shaker. Length 14cm

Tufted bottle brushes

The tufted ends of these brushes will get to grips with any residual and stubborn dirt and grease that clings to the bases and corners of large bottles, jars, and water-carriers.  The white bristles splay out when passed through narrow bottle necks, making short-work of cleaning the inside.  All five are in permanent use at A G Hendy & Co's kitchen sink.

Extra-large bottle brush (L55cm) £16.50

Large bottle brush (L37cm) £7.80

Cone bottle brush (L34cm) £7.50

Baby bottle brush (L14cm) £5.50

Cotton bottle brushes

With their soft cotton mop-like heads, they are ideal for cleaning the insides of glass and plastic bottles, vases and baby bottles.The full set is a must.

Large cotton bottle brush (L32cm) £9.00

Medium cotton bottle brush (L28cm) £5.50

Baby cotton bottle brush (L26cm) £4.50

Cone cotton bottle brush (L28cm) £6.50



If you would like to make changes to the collection of products we offer here or make your own bespoke selection, then please do contact us and we will be delighted to help - and we can also take your payment over the phone.