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Boxed Vintage Linen



Looking for a way to say thank you? Then we might just have the answer. Our bespoke A G Hendy & Co gift boxes can be packed with products of your choice, such as this one - with vintage linens, our handmade household shears and some useful bundles of haberdasher’s tape.  A gift they will not forget.

Prices start at £49.50. Make your choice by clicking in the box below. The completed boxed set as pictured is £199 and includes:

Vintage archive box £29

Our A G Hendy & Co branded boxes will make your gift that extra special. Constructed from vulcanized cardboard with an internal aluminium frame and rivets for extra rigidity, they were originally made for a well-known central London museum in the 1950s to be used as archive boxes.  Never used, they were recently discovered in a forgotten store room belonging to the museum. Once unpacked, the box offers further very useful storage solutions for today’s office and home. 

Vintage monogrammed linen table runner embroidered with the initials 128 x 40cm £30

Vintage striped linen table runner 140 x 37cm £28

Vintage linen hand towel with hanging loop 54 x 54cm £24

Vintage linen hand towel with hanging loop  103 x 54cm £28

3 bundles (5m each) haberdasher's tape £6

Hand-forged household shears 8" £68

Our handmade shears are forged and crafted by a Sheffield family-run scissorsmith. They are excellent for cutting paper, plastic and fabrics, as the side bent handles allow you to cut while the material remains flat to the work surface it is resting upon.  The high carbon tooled steel and chrome plated blades are extra-sharp and have corrosion protection, which means they will last a lifetime and give a masterful cut.  The offset handles and machined pivot screw make cutting fabric a smooth operation.  One blade is micro-serrated, allowing the trimmers to grip slippery materials, while the other is knife edged - reducing the cutting effort required.  The extra sharp blade makes these shears also very adept at cutting denser materials. Length 8 inches


If you would like to make changes to the collection of products we offer here or make your own bespoke selection, then please do contact us and we will be delighted to help - and we can also take your payment over the phone.