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Giant Virol Jar


A very striking and extra-large Virol stoneware jar with fine nineteenth century graphics, reading " Virol A Preparation of Bone Marrow An Ideal Fat Food For Children & Invalids". 


A health aiding Victorian preparation named "Virol" was marketed as having great nutritional value for children and the infirm, and was invented by Bovril in 1899 at their Old Street factory in London (see image).  Resembling thick molasses, it contained refined beef fat - bone marrow from ox rib and calf bones; along with malt extract - a by-product of the brewing industry; egg; and lemon syrup. Rich in vitamins A, B and D, it was sold by late Victorian chemists in wide-mouthed stoneware pots, so that it could be easily dispensed by the spoonful. Advertising claimed that the food strengthened the whole body and built firm bones, yet it fell out of favour after the end of WWII. 

Country of origin: UK

Date of manufacture: c.1900

Material: glazed stoneware

Dimensions: Height 23cm, Width 14cm

Condition: excellent