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Hotel Silver Ice Cream Coupes


A collection of vintage silver plated ice cream coupes, some ex hotel and others ex officer's mess.

These well-proportioned, weighty, and beautifully designed coupes are a joy to use and are the making of the perfect scoop (or two) of delicious ice cream.  Our vintage silver-plated EPNS (electro-plated nickel silver) dinner ware is both good-looking and functional, and its renewed popularity make it a stylish addition on today’s table. The broad arrow mark located on some of their undersides designates a military origin.


The broad arrow mark came about after the Public Store Act of 1875 applied the symbol to all metal objects supplied or issued by the War Office.  The arrow can be found on metal boxes, flatware, musical instruments, medical tools, all manner of military equipment, and silver plated items supplied to the officer’s mess.

We are selling these individually at £28 each, and there are three styles of foot and pedestal, so once you have studied the image where the coupes are labelled A B and C, make your choice in the box. 

Style A / just 4 available

Style B / just 1 available

Style C / 9 available (note these vary slightly in their foot design)

Height 7cm Diameter 9cm

Country of origin: UK

Date of manufacture: hallmark 1961


Material: electro-plated silver nickel

Condition: good, considering their 60 years of service, with some scratches, knocks and dints here and there - yet all character building and part of their elegance.