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Shaving Brush & Bowl



A traditional wet-shave brush with a thick tuft of soft boar hair, coupled with our white enamel shaving bowl, will have you whipping up a lather in no time. Boar hairs are similar to badger, tapered at the tip, which assist in creating the perfect soapy lather.  Reach for your brush and soap and enjoy a fully-fledged wet shave.

Shaving brush

Stained beech wood and boar hair

Length 12.5cm Width of handle 4cm

Shaving bowl

Our very handsome white enamel shaving bowl is exclusive to A G Hendy & Co. It is specially designed for a wet shave - for its proportions and depth assist in creating a thick, luxurious lather.  Reach for your brush and soap, and enjoy a fully-fledged wet shave. Diameter 11cm.

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