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Victorian Copper Jelly Mould


A 19th century oval copper jelly mould with gently sloping sides and of pure form.


Terrine and jelly moulds were part of the batterie de cuisine of larger Victorian kitchens. Made of copper and tinned on the interior, they often bore the name of the owner’s initials or house, and were used for a wide range of recipes: from savouries set in calf’s foot jelly to desserts such as Dutch Flummery and sponge puddings. Fluted, castellated, spired and crenelated, they came in all forms – including in supremely elegant simple shapes, such discs, circles and ovals, such as the one we offer here.

Year of manufacture: c.1880

Origin: UK

Material: copper and tin

Dimensions: Height 8cm Length 15cm Width 8.5cm

Condition: Excellent with slight wear to copper on one edge - see image