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Walker & Hall Canteen Of Cutlery


A good-looking silver plated 40 piece canteen of cutlery by Walker & Hall, Sheffield, c.1930, and in its original brown felt lined box.  The box's sections are each labelled: Table Knives; Cheese Knives; Table Forks; Dessert Forks; Dessert Spoons; Sugar Tongs; Tablespoons; Carvers; and Steel. The set is for 6 people and comprises of:

6 dinner knives

6 cheese/side knives

6 dinner forks

6 dessert forks

6 dessert spoons

6 teaspoons

2 serving spoons

Sugar tongs

3 piece carving set - sharpening steel, carving fork and carving knife

Length of dinner knife: 22.5cm

Country of origin: England

Year of manufacture: c.1930

Each piece marked: Walker & Hall, Sheffield

Material: EPNS (electro-plated nickel silver) and stainless steel blades

Condition: very good, with a few minor fine scratches on the blades and on the serving spoons, but nothing beyond the usual for canteen of this age.

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