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Grundy Stacking Tins


We have several of these beautiful aluminium stacking tins. Manufactured by Grundy, who were based in Teddingtion, Middlesex UK, this design probably dates to around 1940 - 1960. Originally for military and Civil Defence usage - for food storage in the field - they are now perfect for office paperwork, artist materials, kitchen utensils and cutlery, and look great stacked on a desk. We love them.

The tins more often come fitted with handles, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to find the ones without.  These have been cleaned, scrubbed and buffed, and have a wonderful patina. A lot of elbow-grease has been applied to remove the baked-on decades of grime.

History of Grundy tins

Grundy were the kings of no-nonsense heavy-duty aluminium vessels supplied to the catering trade. From storage canisters and flour bins to mixing bowls and food containers, their designs were strikingly simple and have become design classics to those in the know. Their oblong aluminium tins with lids came in a variety of sizes, and the flat top of the container allowed the tins to be oven stacked one on top of the other – allowing for the most efficient use of space to cook or keep warm large quantities of food in a single sitting. Remove the lid, and the contents could be served straight from the tin. Used extensively in prisons, army camps, schools and by the Civil Defence organisations for emergency feeding after a disaster, containers such as these were essential to feed people efficiently.

We are selling these Grundy tins individually - the price is for one tin.

Country of origin: UK

Date of manufacture: c.1960

Material: aluminium

Dimensions of lid: Length 41cm  Width 26.5cm  

Dimensions of base: Length 40cm  Width 26cm

Overall height of tin with lid: 5- 6cm

Condition: good, with scuff marks, minor dints and light scratches, all of which give these tins their beauty.