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British Museum Archive Box 2


Vintage British Museum archive box c.1950 made from vulcanized cardboard with internal aluminium frame and rivets for extra rigidity.  

The boxes were specially made for the British Museum to store important documents and rare artefacts, yet they were never used, only recently being discovered in a forgotten store room belonging to the museum.  Their ox-blood colour and heavy-duty construction reflect our hardware store aesthetic, and the box offers useful and handsome storage solutions for today’s office and home. Each box is labelled on the underside of its lid with Hendy’s Original British Museum Archive Box c.1950 inscribed on our hallmark oval sticker.

Length 27cm Width16cm x Depth 8cm

For that extra-special gift through the post, we also offer the box branded with A G Hendy & Co labels and at a reduced price.  Click here.