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Antique skull in vitrine


This compelling Victorian life-sized child’s skull is cast in plaster and is with its original paint finish. Mounted on a wooden stand and housed in a medical cabinet, it would have been used for phrenological and medical studies.  The skull itself is mounted on a raised wooden plinth with bun feet and supported by a horseshoe-shaped metal rack - see images.

The skull takes its shape from the brain, and the surface of the skull can be read as an index of psychological aptitudes and tendencies, and skulls such as this were part of the narrative of Victorian medical study. This skull would have also been used to study the teeth and structural idiosyncrasies of the cranium – its fossae, foramina, cavities, sinuses and processes.  It's a wonderfully dark decorative object and a rare item.

Skull with stand

Year of manufacture: c.1890

Origin: England

Material: plaster

Height 16.5cm Width 14cm Depth 17cm

Condition: excellent with some slight wear


Year of manufacture: c.1920

Origin: England

Material: painted wood and glass

Depth 23cm

Condition: excellent with some chips to the painted finish


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