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Hornby Goods Wagon


A vintage Hornby 0-gauge series "Motor Shell Spirit" goods wagon, and this one is in wonderful condition. 


The iconic British brand Hornby began with Frank Hornby and his passion for inventing, which led him to create educational toys for his sons. In 1901, the name 'Mechanics Made Easy' was patented and began the foundation for the Meccano company. By 1920, the Meccano Company had developed 'the finest series of clockwork railway trains ever made', and the 0 gauge series of toy railway track, clockwork locomotives, wagons, carriages and scenic accessories was born, paving the way for over 100 years of Hornby history.

Length 12.5cm  Width 6cm  Height 6cm

Length including couplings 17cm

Date of manufacture: c.1930

Manufacturer: Hornby

Origin: UK

Condition: excellent