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6 Dinner Knives


A set of 6 dinner knives, each blade marked "Timothy Whites & Taylors Ltd Sheffield".

A plate of good food is lost without a good knife and fork. Well-proportioned, well-balanced and beautifully designed flatware is a joy to use and is the making of a good meal. Our vintage ‘bone-handled’ knives are both good-looking and functional, and their renewed popularity make them a stylish addition on today’s table. Our knives have ivorine handles fashioned from xylonite, and have high-polished stainless steel blades. This elegant style of flatware was made from 1920 through to the 1950s in Sheffield England, which was then the heart of the world’s cutlery industry.


Timothy White started his store as a ship’s chandlers and general store in Portsmouth in 1848. White himself qualified as a pharmacist in 1869, and by 1890 Whites was one of four British pharmacists with over ten branches. Whites sold hardware, such as cutlery, as well as the usual chemist's goods. In 1935, Timothy Whites merged with Taylors Drug Co Ltd to form Timothy Whites & Taylors. The company was taken over by Boots chemists in 1968, and the Timothy Whites name eventually disappeared in 1985. Our set of dinner knives were made in Sheffield specially for Timothy Whites & Taylors.

Length: 24cm

Country of origin: England

Year of manufacture: 1930 - 1950

Each blade marked: Timothy Whites & Taylors Ltd Sheffield

Material: stainless steel and xylonite

Condition: excellent - a few fine scratches on the blades, yet barely used.

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