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1930s Anatomical Torso


A very striking 1930s educational model torso that was once used in a medical school to teach anatomy. It is rare to find one with such muted and appealing colouring and in such near-perfect condition.

The plaster torso is mounted on a wooden base and has removable organs, such as lungs, liver and intestines.  Each organ is delicately hand-painted and bears various numbers in fine script. There's even a little sprung hatch sited in the colon, and when opened it reveals the appendix (see image). The appeal of this model is that it is as beautiful when the organs are in place or when removed. It is stunning.


This anatomical bust was probably made either by Somso or Meusel. Both are German companies and operated in the early part of the twentieth century, specialising in anatomical models of this calibre and design.  

Please note that the heart on this model is missing.

Manufactured by: Somso or Meusel

Material: plaster and wood

Country of origin: Germany

Date of manufacture: c.1930

Dimensions: Height 74cm, Width 39cm Depth 23cm

Condition: exceptional condition for its age, with a couple of minor chips to the paint finish (see images), and with one organ, the heart, missing.


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