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The 1930s Carpentry Collection


A wonderful collection of handmade 1930s vintage and antique brass bound carpenter's tools by Chesterman, Rabone & Sons of Birmingham, and Preston & Sons of Sheffield; including marking and mortice gauges, plumb bobs, hinged and extending rules, rulers, and brass plated spirit levels. All in excellent condition, with beautiful patina and in good working order.

Now retired from their original use, they would make wonderful decorative objects for the home - yet they are all in good working order, so can still be used. We are selling them individually, so please click on the second image and then make your choice in the box below.

Year of manufacture: c.1930

Country of origin: UK 

Material: brass, sycamore, boxwood and various other woods

Condition: excellent

A. 24" double sided rule, with brass bound edges on all sides: £45  Length 61cm Width 5cm SOLD

B. Marking & Mortice gauge, stamped "EO" and "BEARTUF" with brass bound end and screw peg anchor: £34 Length 23.5cm Width 6.5cm

C. 12" set square, stamped "J Omer 99 Minores London" and with brass bound corner: £29 Length 30.5cm

D. Super large spirit level by "E Preston & Sons EP B'ham England " brass bound and with brass plate top: £68 Length 46cm Width 4 cm Height 3.7cm

E. Marking & Mortice gauge, stamped "A J Burgess", brass bound with brass rod and arm

: £38 Length 17cm Width 7cm

F. Plumb bob by "Chesterman Sheffield J C England", solid brass with screw top for line fixing a plumb line

: £38 Length 12.5cm Width 3.5cm


. Spirit level with brass inserts

: £26 Length 14cm Width 1cm Height 3cm


. Spirit level by "Rathbone & Sons, Birmingham, Made in England - Warranted Correct" with brass top and mounts

: £34 Length 25.2cm Width 1cm Height 3.5cm


. Carpenter's swivel knife with brass mounts

: £36 Length 20.5cm Width 2.5cm Height 1cm


. 24" Carpenter's folding rule with brass mounts, brass hinge and linear brass insert on one side

: £38 Length when folded 31cm Width when folded 4.2cm


. Spirit level with brass plate top and mounts: £36 Length 23cm Width 2cm Height 2cm


. Spirit level with brass plate top and mounts marked "Best proved level tube warranted"

: £45 Length 25.5cm Width 2.7cm Height 2cm


. 24" Carpenter's extending rule with brass hinges marked "London"

: £28 Length when closed 17.5cm Width 2.5cm