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Carpentry Tools


A collection of handmade vintage tools, all with beautiful patina and all visually very pleasing. Now retired from their original use, they would make wonderful decorative objects for the home - and are all in good working order, so can still be used.

We are selling them individually, so please click on the second image and then make your choice in the box below.

Year of manufacture: c.1930

Country of origin: UK 

Material: brass, sycamore and various woods

Condition: good


A. Tenon saw by "W Kent Sheffield": £45 Length 37cm Width 12.5cm

B. Carpenter's combined spirit level and inch rule: £45 Length 31cm Width 3.5cm Thickness 1cm

C. Draughtsman's parallel rule with brass hinges and imprinted with "Universal Wood Working Co Ltd Made in England - Warranted Best Box": £58 Length 31cm Width 5.5cm Thickness 0.5cm

D. Screwdriver with turned wood handle: £12 Length 10.5cm

E. Small panel saw: £38 Length 34cm Width 8.5cm

F. 12" steel rule: £18 Length 32.5cm Width 3cm