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Antique Garden Spades


A pair of antique garden spades; the lefthand spade most likely dates to the 1920s; and the righthand spade is Edwardian c.1900.

We are selling these spades individually, so please study the second image and then make your choice in the box below.

A) Spade / steel marked "Never bend Spear Jackson" / steel moulded upper handle

Length 98cm  Width 20.5cm

B) Spade / initialled "C H" / forged from one piece of steel that runs from spade head to handle / curved spade head

Length 102.5cm  Width 17cm

Condition: these garden spades have seen a lifetime of work, so they are well used, and Spade B) also has some woodworm holes (now all treated) - yet this adds to their character, and they are both in working order.


Price does not  include delivery, yet we can arrange this for you. So please do contact us to request a delivery estimate, if required.