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Edwardian Grape Scissors


A wonderful pair of Edwardian silver plated grape scissors, the handles modelled on bamboo stems.

These well-proportioned beautifully designed grape scissors are a joy to use and are all part of the delicious rituals around grape eating. Most probably dating from the beginning of the twentieth century, our silver-plated EPNS (electro-plated nickel silver) grape scissors are both good-looking and functional, and their renewed popularity make them a cool addition on today’s table.  


Grape scissors were first created in Regency England, yet it wasn’t until the Victorian period that they really took off, when they were used during the dessert course at dinner. It was only after the grapes had been correctly cut, that it was permissible for the diner to use his or her fingers.

Victorian dining etiquette encouraged the development of specific utensils for eating and serving particular foods such as grapes; and etiquette was everything to Victorian polite society. As illustrated in The Manners and Tone of Good Society,1879, which outlined the correct conduct of the dinner party and the complicated rituals around cutlery. Touching your food was not done, and diners were presented with an alarming and ever-growing range of specialist utensils at the dinner table. It was important to be able to recognise items such as nut picks, sardine tongs and grape scissors, and to know how to use them correctly. Those awkward to use are often over-ornate in design - entwined with vine and grape motifs. Our grape scissors are beautifully plain and made in durable electroplated nickel silver, making them robust, yet elegant. and very comfortable to use.

Dimensions: Length 17cm 

Country of origin: UK

Date of manufacture: c.1900

Material: EPNS (electro-plated nickel silver)

Condition: excellent with some very fine surface scratching, as would be expected.

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