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Antique Ironstone Barrel Water Jug


A good early twentieth century Booths ironstone barrel shaped water jug with incised banding "Booths Great Britain" stamped to its underside. Early ironstone jugs are getting much harder to find these days, and this one is in excellent condition.

Plain, unadorned ironstone water jugs with clean-lines and simple forms were part of the everyday 19th and early 20th century kitchen. Their purity and functionality is as appealing today as it was then; and when used for either water, milk or flowers, or simply amassed as a decorative collection, they make an arresting addition to the modern home.

Year of manufacture: 1910

Origin: England

Material: Ceramic ironstone

Height 16cm Diameter 14.5cm Width from handle to spout 21cm

Condition: very good - with one small firing fault where a tiny patch of glaze is missing near the foot but nothing untoward, see last image.

What do we mean by vintage ironstone?