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Antique Roll Top Desk


A magnificent and high quality Edwardian golden oak tambour-front writing desk, with fitted interior, and solid oak fielded (bevelled) panelled sides and back. Each pedestal has four fitted graduated drawers, and at the top, two brush slides: desk extension pull-out ledges. The lock escutcheon is marked "Entirely English Make H.L.L"; and when the desk top is closed, this auto locks all the external pedestal drawers. 

The beauty of the roll-top desk is in the s-shaped tambour roll front, a shape and design feature originally channelled for the early twentieth century American market. The fact that the desk is finished at the back in polished panelled oak, means that it can be sited in the middle of a room - or its back can face out, so the user can look out across the room. Ideal for an office or shop situation.  And its big plus, it will fit your home: if your doorway or staircase is narrow, it's not a problem, for the desk dismantles for transportation, separating into three units - a top and two pedestals. 

It also provides a full gamut of filing systems, for it includes:

6 internal filing drawers

8 mini filing drawers

12 internal vertical compartments

3 central-paper filing shelves

2 paper / pen retainers - the wooden rails you see far right and left

2 pull out writing slides

8 large graduated drawers (including a pair of deep filing drawers)

1 knee-hole central drawer

Interior brass pulls with label slots

Original lock and key

Locking mechanism to drawers

All-in-all it's a throughly useful and well-designed piece of kit, the desk of dreams we say. 


One of the first U.S. patents for roll top desks was given to Abner Cutler in 1881; owner of A. Cutler and Son located in Buffalo, New York. What set Cutler's desk apart from previous roll top desks – which had been of a fixed barrel or cylinder roll-top design - was the flexible tambour that covered the desktop while not in use. Every roll top desk that has been created since has been based on this design, such as with our downright handsome chap here.

Country of origin: UK

Date of manufacture: c.1910

Material: oak

Dimensions: Width 140cm  Height 124cm  Depth 82cm

Condition: excellent - one drawer pull, bottom left, has small piece missing.


Price does not  include delivery, yet we can arrange this for you. So please do contact us to request a delivery estimate, if required.