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Rustic Bread Boards


A wonderful collection of antique and vintage bread boards. Their time-worn, knife-cut surfaces are full of character and warmth. They also make excellent communal serving platters for air dried ham, antipasto, breads, cheeses, and pickles; and when not in use, look great as a backdrop when propped up on the kitchen side.

We are selling these separately. After reading the following description of each board, please make your choice in the box below.  Board A is at the rear, board C is at the front:

A) Extra large rectangular baker's board with rounded corners: L 87cm W 48cm / lovely repair in metal to lower edge / traces of flour on reverse side (see 2 images) £265

B) Large rounded board: L 69cm W 52cm (see 2 images) £185

C) Rectangular pale scrubbed board with rounded corners: L 61cm W 38cm /  Made from a single piece of wood / minor splits which add to character (see 2 images) £175

Year of manufacture: 1930 - 1950

Origin: Turkey

Material: various woods

Condition: our boards have all been well used and well loved, so they will have knife cuts and scuff marks, and could be slightly uneven. Some may also have historic nibbles, splits and repairs, and even flour dust still stuck to them. However, this all adds to their patina, history and appeal, and this is why we love them.