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Canary Display Cage


A very elegant 1920s canary display cage with Edwardian style detailing and original black painted finish; once used for exhibiting prized birds, particularly canaries, at avifaunal shows. The base is constructed from wood and supports four turned wooden columns that in turn anchor the wire cage work to the base. The cage is fitted with a sliding wire hatch for access; a bird-food drawer; a wire hoop water-bottle holder; and a wire carrying handle.

Being of small proportion, it fits easily on a shelf or mantelpiece and would add a cool decorative statement to any room - just as it is. Or use it as you would a frame or display case, to show taxidermy; an egg, feather or shell collection; a bird illustration; or to hold miniature plants or a collection of found objects. An outsized taxidermy crow would look stunning.

We have a total of 4 - all the same. If you would like to purchase all 4, we can offer you their original wooden carrying case for free. 

Year of manufacture: c.1920

Origin: UK

Material: wood and wire

Length 32.5cm

Height 28cm

Depth 12.5cm  

Condition: Excellent - barely used