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Canteen of Cutlery


A complete 1930s silver plated 38 piece canteen of cutlery by Cooper Brothers & Sons Sheffield. The set is for 6 people and comprises of:

6 dinner knives

6 dinner forks

6 dessert forks

6 dessert spoons

6 soup spoons

6 teaspoons

2 serving spoons

A plate of good food is lost without a good knife and fork. Well-proportioned, well-balanced and beautifully designed flatware is a joy to use and is the making of a good meal. Our vintage ‘bone-handled’ knives are both good-looking and functional, and their renewed popularity make them a stylish addition on today’s table. The knives have ivorine handles fashioned from xylonite, and have high-polished stainless steel blades. All forks and spoons are silver-plated EPNS (electro-plated nickel silver).

Length of dinner knife: 24cm

Country of origin: England

Year of manufacture: 1930

Each blade marked: Cooper Brothers & Sons Sheffield

Material: stainless steel and xylonite, and EPNS (electro-plated nickel silver)

Condition: good - with some fine scratches on the blades.

What do we mean by vintage flatware?