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Computer Brush Gift



Our computer brush is not only plastic free and crafted from natural materials, it is also handmade, and, most importantly, does the job. It comes tissue wrapped and packed in one of our exclusive vintage ex London museum archive boxes - an up-cycling idea of heartwarming and thoroughly useful design. The brush and its box make the perfect present for those in need of computer keyboard housekeeping, whilst appreciating the finest of brushes, to do just that.

Vintage archive box £18

Our A G Hendy & Co branded boxes will make your gift that extra special. Constructed from vulcanized cardboard with an internal aluminium frame and rivets for extra rigidity, they were originally made for a well-known central London museum in the 1950s to be used as archive boxes.  Never used, they were recently discovered in a forgotten store room belonging to the museum.  Their ox-blood colour and heavy-duty construction reflect our hardware store aesthetic, which makes them the perfect container for that special A G Hendy & Co gift.  Once unpacked, the box offers further very useful storage solutions for today’s office and home. 

Computer brush £29.80

Handmade from oiled beechwood and goat hair, this is the ultimate brush for the daily cleaning of laptops and computers. The softer bristles gently free dust from your screen and the stiffer top row of stubby bristles tackle the keypad.  It is also excellent at freeing dust from around printers, scanners and telephones – in fact ideal on all your office equipment, making a handy addition to your desk. Length 26cm.


If you would like to change the brush we offer here for another or make your own bespoke selection, then please do contact us and we will be delighted to help - and we can also take your payment over the phone.