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Country Cottage Plate Rack


A charming 1920s country cottage plate draining rack which can either be surface stood or wall mounted. It is fitted with a full set of plate dividing spindles. Cups and mugs can be put to drain upside down on its top shelf, and it accommodates up to 13 plates. 

Year of manufacture: c.1920

Origin: England 

Material: stained pine 

Dimensions: Length 54cm  Height 42.5cm  Depth of base 21.5cm  Depth of top 17cm

Height of plate slots 29.5cm  Width of plate slots 3cm (2 plate slots are 2.5cm)

Maximum diameter of dinner plate it can hold 27cm (as shown)

Condition: excellent, with a complete set of intact and original spindles. Also note that it holds shallow plates only, as depicted in the photo. The back bar of wood is a later addition, is not needed structurally, and can easily be removed (held by two screws only), which would allow plates to sit further in.