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Medium fruit bowl

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Vintage Denby Manor Green fruit bowl

Manor Green is no longer in production today, yet its classic lines and serene colour have stood the test of time, making this fruit bowl as relevant today as it was when first designed in the 1930s. 

Rare item

Large bowls have proved to be much-loved and well-used items, as they were often used as mixing bowls in the kitchen, and so are therefore rare to find undamaged.  It is our store's policy to only offer these ceramics in near perfect condition, so we are apologise for often being out of stock.  Manor Green has proven to be Denby’s classic table china of choice and this vintage range is now much sought after. 

Country of origin: England

Date of design: c.1930

Diameter 24cm

Height 10.5cm

What do we mean by vintage Manor Green Denby Ware?

Out of Stock