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Enamel Pie Dishes



Lightweight, unbreakable and oven friendly, our white enamel ware pie dishes have excellent heat conduction properties. Their classic lines and utility looks are timeless –  which makes them perfect for oven-to-table use. Think classic meat pie, fruit pie or crumble; and your chicken, steak & kidney or fish pie will look downright respectable in our extra-large family sized pie dish.  

A quick pie can be knocked up by throwing the leftovers of a roast chicken dinner into a dish and sending it off for a re-bake, this time capped with a lid of bought pastry. It’s the way to use up the bits left on the bird; the carcass for its stock; and uneaten peas and carrots. Once all the bits and bobs have had their quick spruce up, a last-minute make-over with some fresh herbs, and you have a pastry top on it, you going to be in a for a great pie. Pastry is the regenerator, and a pie can cover up a carnage of sins. Put most things in one of our pie dishes and they taste bloody good. 

White enamel with navy blue rim

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16cm: serves 1            Length 16cm Width 13cm Depth 3.5cm

20cm: serves 2           Length 20cm Width 14.5cm Depth 4cm

24cm: serves 4           Length 24cm Width 17.5cm Depth 4.5cm

28cm: serves 4 - 6     Length 28cm Width 20.5cm Depth 6cm

32cm: family sized     Length 32cm Width 24cm Depth 7cm