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Enamel Prep Bowls



Enamel prep bowls are one of the handiest little bowls you can have about you while chopping, slicing and dicing in the kitchen; and, rather than have to decant what you've prepped, they are just as much at-home on your dining table filled with your cooked vegetables, dips, salads, salsas and dressings. They can also be used for steaming puddings. Enamelware's classic lines and utility good-looks are timeless. Lightweight and unbreakable, the basins are also the perfect choice for picnics and camping.

White enamel basin with navy blue rim

Please make your choice in the box below.

12cm: Diameter 12cm Depth 6cm

14cm: Diameter 14cm Depth 7cm

16cm: Diameter 16cm Depth 8cm

18cm: Diameter 18cm Depth 9cm