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Enamel Roaster



This classic oval roasting pan with drop-in lid delivers the perfect roast chicken every time: succulent breast and a full-on crispy skin. The lid is dimpled, so as the meat roasts, the juices that collect on its underside rain down, self-basting your joint as it cooks.  It is also the perfect pot for braising a shoulder of lamb or a shin of beef, and is excellent for bakes, hotpots, stews, casseroles and tajines. It's an all-round winner!...chicken dinner (sorry, we couldn't resist).

White enamel with navy blue rim

Length 33cm

Width 23.5cm

Height 12.5cm

To launch your enamel roaster, here’s Alastair Hendy’s dead-easy pot-roast lemon chicken. All that remains - is that you give it a go. See image.


Choose a sarcophagus-like casserole that will fit the bird and onions snugly. The bird should perch atop some of its veg. Our enamel oval roaster is the perfect pot for this, as the chicken self-bastes – succulence is its mission.

1 x 1.5kg chicken
olive oil
1 bunch thyme, rosemary or oregano (a 25g packet)
1 lemon, halved
4 red onions, cut into quarters
1 bulb garlic, broken into unpeeled cloves
Rub the chicken with olive oil, salt, pepper and some of the herb leaves pulled from their stems until deliciously embalmed. Put the onion and garlic in the pot and season the same as you did the chicken, tumbling everything together to coat.  Sit the bird on top and squeeze over ½ the lemon, adding the squeezed bit to the pot. Juice the remaining ½ lemon and stick the spent lemon inside the bird, along with a good tuft of herb.  Save the lemon juice for serving.  Roast covered in a 200C oven for 40 min, then uncover, swing the oven up to 220C and roast for a further 25 min. Leave to rest in the pot for 15 min before final libation with saved lemon juice, and then carve.  Keep the carcass, bones and bits, for they have a rewarding after-life – stock, which will be the heart of your next wonderful soup.