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Grand Feather Duster



This is the queen of feather dusters, and our grandest. Handmade, with a varnished wood handle, leather cuff and hanging strap. The extra-large crown of ostrich plumes will see to all your dusting needs, especially when a lighter touch is required.  The feathers are predominantly dark brown, with tip tinges of grey and white here and there. 

Once considered a status symbol in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, ostrich feather dusters are seeing a 21st century revival in their popularity. Ostrich feathers trap dust, so dirt is removed rather than displaced; for the fine feathers contain millions of fibres that hold dust particles in an iron-like grip, and all that is then needed is a good shake outdoors after cleaning. Excellent for dusting around extra delicate objects.

Ostrich feathers, varnished wood handle, leather cuff and hanging strap

Length 115cm