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Eye Ointment Dispensary Pot


A rare Edwardian ironstone eye ointment pot with over-glazed transfer print of an eye, "Eye Ointment" typography and a decorative border - and all in immaculate condition. This fabulous tiny transfer-ware ointment pot or crock dates to the turn of the century. It once contained a miraculous salve; an ointment made and sold by Chemists and well known "snake oil" salesmen. The product of course was shear quackery.


Throughout the Victorian era and up until 1920, many household commodities such as toothpaste, cold cream, bear grease, hair pomade and eye ointment were packed and sold in round, white ironstone pots with lids. Many were printed with advertising, yet many were unadorned and left plain, presumably to be re-used for a succession of different unguents, powders and victuals. Their pared-back pleasing shape, ironstone colour and black and white graphics provide a glimpse into Victorian utilitarianism and into nineteenth century daily life and its needs – which now chimes with our own twenty first century ideals and aesthetics. 

Year of manufacture: 1900 - 1915

Origin: England 

Material: ceramic ironstone

Dimensions: Diameter 4cm  Height 3.5cm

Condition: excellent

What do we mean by vintage ironstone and creamware?

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