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Festival of Britain Tin


A rare 1951 Festival of Britain souvenir tin. The lid is decorated with the iconic festival logo, designed by Abram Graham, and was possibly sold containing sweets or tobacco. Graham's designs for the Festival of Britain incorporated heraldic imagery and angular geometry to create a modern portrait of the national character. This emblem featured on posters, leaflets, catalogues, and souvenirs - such as this wonderful tin; and helped to create what would become known as 'Festival Style'.

An example of this tin is owned by The Science Museum, UK.


The Festival of Britain was a national exhibition and fair that reached millions of visitors throughout the UK in the summer of 1951. Its purpose was to exhibit the best in British industry, art and design. It was a triumphant success and became a beacon for change for a nation curbed by years of war, crushed by austerity and gloom. Its centre piece was at London’s South Bank, where visitors flocked to the Dome of Discovery, gazed at the futuristic Skylon, filled The Festival Hall, and had a wonderful day out. Above all, the Festival made a spectacular setting as a showpiece for the inventiveness and genius of British scientists and technologists, and was a huge tonic for the nation. It was a triumphant display of British design, manufacture and industry, epitomised by graphic designer Abram Graham's iconic emblem.  And perhaps more importantly, it also acted as a catalyst for a new design aesthetic, launching the career of noted British designers working in the fields of textiles, furniture and graphic design.

Length 11.5cm  Width 9.5cm  Height 2.5cm

Country of origin: UK

Date of manufacture: c.1951

Material: tin

Condition: very good with slight knock to one underside edge - see image