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Folk Toys Dolls Illustration


A beautifully illustrated study of wooden dolls from Czechoslovak “Folk Toys / Les Jouets Populaires”, an original hand-blocked print from a book by Emanuel Hercik containing illustrations by Emanuel Hercik and Oldrich Menhart of folk toys from around the world, printed in 1951. The print is mounted within a thick card border.


The author, Emanuel Hercik, had studied and collected Czechoslovak folk-toys since 1919 and pursed a first-hand familiarity with the centers of production in his country. He made illustrations of them, recording their coloration, and published this volume in order to preserve what he recognized to be the ephemeral nature of children's playthings.

Title: Folk-toys / Les jouets populaires
Author: Emanuel Hercik
Illustrators: Emanuel Hercik, Oldrich Menhart  
Publisher: ORBIS
Country of origin: Prague, Czechoslovakia
Year: 1951

Dimensions of mount: Width 30.5cm  Length 40.5cm

Date of manufacture: 1951

Origin: Czechoslovakia

Condition: excellent