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Glass storage jars


We have a quantity of these vintage glass storage jars, and they make very handy kitchen store cupboard containers. Rather than leave your various rices, flours and sugars in their packets, decant them into several of these jars and keep them at hand.  Not only do they look great amassed together, they are totally practical, for you can see exactly what you are reaching for mid recipe, and the lid lifts off in an instant. No fiddling, no kerfuffle - straight in. Great for grabbing tea bags from too.

Small £9.50

Medium £11.50

Large £13.50

Extra Large £16.50

Make your size selection in the box below.

Year of manufacture: c.1960

Origin: Belgium 

Material: glass

Diameter: 11cm

Approximate Height: small 10cm  medium 12cm  large 15cm  extra large 20cm

Note: some are plain and some have typeface on the lid and /or on the main body - they are all random and vary in design, yet their body shape is the same.