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Handmade Body Brush



Handmade from beechwood and agave fibre (Tampico), our body brush will tone, smooth and exfoliate your skin, and restore you to your radiant self. Your skin will be left softer and smoother to the touch. 

Oiled beechwood and Tampico fibre

Diameter 12cm

How it works

The ancient technique of body brushing lifts and buffs away dead skin cells, encourages lymph node drainage and increases microcirculation. Dry brushing is a helpful technique for those who suffer from cellulite and uneven skin texture. The tough, natural bristles of our body brush deeply massage, working to soften any hard fat deposits that may lie below the skin’s surface and cause uneven texture. Your skin will appear softer and smoother as dimples and bumps associated with cellulite are visibly reduced. Stimulating the lymphatic system with body-brushing is also known to aid and strengthen your immune system, promoting your overall health and wellbeing.

Tampico fibre

Tampico is extracted from the leaf ribs of a species of agave that is grown on the high planes of Mexico. It has a high degree of shape retention and is used for scrubbing and washing brushes, where high heat resistance is a must.