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Home Cook Set



What better way to get a dinner invite: give your bestest chefy friend our very desirable Home Cook set. It includes some beautifully designed and highly practical items we doubt they’ve ever had the pleasure of before. Such as our kitchen scissors that perform a sharp list of functions beyond cutting, and our mushroom brush – the only way to dust down the fresh and wild fruits of the forager’s haul. Bet they don’t own trussing twine either - a must for roasting the bird. All wrapped in tissue and packed into one of our large and highly desirable vintage ex-museum archive boxes, making the Home Cook set a sure chicken dinner winner.

Prices start at £99. Make your choice by clicking in the box below. The completed boxed set as pictured is £133.50 and includes, from left to right:

Vintage archive box £26

Our A G Hendy & Co branded boxes will make your gift that extra special. Constructed from vulcanized cardboard with an internal aluminium frame and rivets for extra rigidity, they were originally made for a well-known central London museum in the 1950s to be used as archive boxes.  Never used, they were recently discovered in a forgotten store room belonging to the museum. Once unpacked, the box offers further very useful storage solutions for today’s office and home. 

Handmade Kitchen scissors £66.50

Hand-forged, stainless steel and dishwasher safe, our all-purpose kitchen scissors are made for us in Sheffield and are an all-round winner.  The offset handles provide a very comfortable grip and the curved blades extra strength, coupled with a notch for anchoring bones, when used as poultry shears.  The micro-serrated blade will not blunt, adds extra grip and will swiftly cut through all meat, plastic, string and film.  There's even a lever for prizing open cans, a flattened edge for tapping tin lids shut, and another notch for flipping off caps from bottles – and the handles can be used to grip and aid the opening of stubborn screw caps and resilient corks.  No kitchen worth its salt should be without. Length 21.5cm

Pie brush £6.50

A classic wire bound pastry brush with a useful integrated hanging loop. Excellent for applying egg-wash to pastries, tarts and pies, and for all your other pastry brushing needs. Length 23cm

Oven cloth £6.50

Our heavy-duty 100% cotton cloth is ideal for handling hot pans and baking dishes - and can also do emergency kitchen cloth duties, such as dealing with spillages. Length 53cm Width 46cm

Apple corer £5.50

Our classic apple corer has a comfortable beech wood handle and a serrated metal end for the swift extraction of apple cores. Length 16.5cm 

Trussing string £8.50

Made from spun flax plant fibres, our dense spool of extra strong linen thread is ultra resistant to tearing, and so will suit all your kitchen tying needs: such as the trussing of a chicken, the tying of a joint, the securing of a muslin bag, and the knotting of a bundle of herbs. Height 11cm

Nutmeg grater £5.50

A mini grater that is specially designed for the fine grating of whole nutmegs, and there is a little storage compartment for the nutmeg in use, concealed under a flap at the top of the grater. Length 13.5cm 

Mushroom brush £8.50

The polished beech wood handle provides a comfortable grip and the soft horsehair bristles are just-the-job for brushing your woodland mushrooms free of dirt.  And even better, it resembles a little button mushroom.  Length 5.5cm


If you would like to make changes to the collection of products we offer here or make your own bespoke selection, then please do contact us and we will be delighted to help - and we can also take your payment over the phone.