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Iron foundry maquette


An impressive and important 1920s iron foundry casting maquette with original silver and red painted finish - and a stunning wall hanging. It was made by Hopkinsons, leading designers and manufacturers of industrial valves since 1843 [see images]. Seamlessly crafted from sandwiched blocks of wood, it was sculpted to mirror one side of a cast gun metal or steel valve; this maquette - or 'pattern' as it was called - was then used to make the mould for a 'parallel slide' designed valve.  

We have just three of these unique and rare early twentieth century maquettes, bought directly from Hopkinsons in 2004 when the foundry relocated, dispensing with its old fixtures and fittings. Now fitted with cabinet hooks, it makes for a highly sculptural wall hanging - a handsome slice of Victorian Britain's industrial engineering history.

Country of origin: Huddersfield, UK

Date: c.1920

Material: wood with metal lettering

Dimensions: Height 54cm Width 88cm Depth 13cm

Condition: excellent 


J. Hopkinsons & Co. began operations in two converted cottages, in Lockwood, Huddersfield (see image). Their compound safety valve proved to be an outstanding invention, preventing boiler explosions, and was among the products exhibited at the Great International Exhibition in 1851 when it received a medal and certificate signed by H.R.H. Albert, the Prince Consort. Hopkinsons was to be associated with the best of British shipbuilding - the great age of ocean going passenger vessels, and its royal patronage continued with The Royal Yacht Britannia and the Queen Elizabeth II. 


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