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Pitcher 2 pint


Vintage Denby Cottage Blue 2 pint pitcher

Cottage Blue is no longer in production today, yet its classic lines and vibrant colour have stood the test of time, making it perfect for the 21st century home.  Well designed and extremely practical this range of stoneware china began in the 1930s with pitchers and other utilitarian tableware leading production.  Their rich glaze and pale custard-coloured interiors make them as relevant today as they were then, and they bring a handsome addition to the kitchen and dining table.

Rare item

Some shapes ceased production in the 1950s when other more modern designs became the trend; consequently these jugs along with other earlier pieces are rarer and therefore harder to find; making these vintage jugs now much sought after. 

Country of origin: England

Year of design: c.1930

Height 16.5cm

Width 13cm

Volume 2 pints

What do we mean by vintage Cottage Blue Denby Ware?