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Murphy AD94 Radio


Looking like a modernist building, this pioneering architectural style Bakelite radio appears to a resemble a powerhouse of electronic communications. Its streamline, mechanical and futuristic look are in tune with the new dawn that embraced the Machine Age of the late 1930s. Designed by Eden Minns in 1940, the British Murphy four valve AD 94 mains radio has a distinctive ridged and flanged Art Deco black Bakelite cabinet and was manufactured during and after World War II. Underneath the stylishly ribbed speaker is the dial and three knobs: the left is for on/off and volume; the middle is for tuning; and the right for wave range. 

At the time of its launch it cost £12 and 15 shillings. Which translates into today’s money at near £2600, a major purchase at a time when disposable income was so much less. This is a rare radio, an important example of 1930s modernism, and it is extremely hard to find one in such wonderful condition. The same model is owned by The Science Museum, London. 


Eden Minns
Architect trained Eden Minns was head of the cabinet design department at Murphy. He started his career as a furniture designer for the famous furniture firm of Gordon Russell Ltd, and then from 1936 to 1939 went to designing Murphy cabinets for R. D. Russell in London.  Minns was responsible for many outstanding cabinets, and his AD94 remains to this day to be one of his best. Later he designed many of the early war-period cabinets, and after service in WWII, and on the last day of 1945, he returned to Murphy radio.

Murphy Radio
Murphy Radio was a British manufacturer of radios and televisions based in Welwyn Garden City, England. Founded in 1929 by Frank Murphy and E.J. Power as a volume manufacturer of home radio sets, they started with less than 100 employees. The original Murphy Radio company played an important role during World War II, designing and manufacturing radio sets for the British Armed Forces.

Country of origin: UK

Manufacturer: Murphy Radio Ltd, Welwyn Garden City, UK

Designer Eden Minns

Date: c.1940 - 1945

Cabinet material: Bakelite and woven cloth

Dimensions: Height 34cm      Width 32cm       Depth 17.5cm

Condition: immaculate. We cannot guarantee full working order, yet it was purchased from the sale of an important collection of early radios, owned by a renowned collector - who spent his years restoring them. Supplied with original two-pin plug mains cable (see image).


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