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Olive Oil, Salt & Pepper Bowls


These beautifully formed vintage porcelain pouring dishes are the perfect kitchen-to-table vessels for olive oil, sea salt and crushed black pepper. Once used in a chemist's laboratory, they now make the most elegant little bowls for condiments at the dining table.  

We have them in three different sizes; and the fourth choice, the "75ml" crucible (see 4th image), has a matt glaze to its underside.

Small crucible: diameter 5.5 - 6.5cm / height 2.5cm  £22 / 4 available

Medium crucible: diameter 8.5cm / height 3.5cm       £28 / 3 available

Large crucible: diameter 10cm / height 4cm               £36 / 8 available

"75 ml" crucible: diameter 8.5cm / height 3.5cm        £28 / 5 available

Please make your choice in the box below.

Year of manufacture: c.1950

Origin: England

Material: Ceramic porcelain 

Condition: excellent