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Bauhaus Desk Lamp



A rare early twentieth century task lamp attributed to Bauhaus designer Christian Dell, with chromium plated arms and an enamelled grey paint finish to shade and base. The circular shade pivots on a retractable arm, which in turn can be adjusted at various angles and heights from the base column that it rises and falls on. A classic and ingenious piece of lighting design.

The lamp stands testament to the ideals of the Bauhaus, the early twentieth century German movement and art school that combined beauty with function, in a quest to unify the principles of mass production with artistic vision.


Christian Dell joined the Bauhaus Metal Workshop in 1922, and by 1925 was appointed Werkmeister der Metallwerkstaatt Bauhauses: Foreman of the Bauhaus Metal Workshop. Already a distinguished silversmith in his own right, he designed a number of light fittings for the lamp factory Gebr. Kaiser & Co in Neheim Hüsten which were put into production towards the end of the 1920s. His lamps soon became symbols of  Germanic modernism. Using industrial materials and precise engineering, they epitomised the Bauhaus aesthetic.

Dell was a pioneer in the quest for functional, pared-back design for modern living. His pillar clip joint - as featured on the lamp we offer here - was copied in the UK by Birmingham based Best & Lloyd who brought out the Bestlight in 1930, which was also a close copy of Christian Dell's 'Dell-Lamp Type K'.

Country of origin: Germany

Date of manufacture: c.1930 - 1950

Material: Chrome plated metal and laquered metal


Height 52cm (when fully upward extended 76cm)

Width of shade 27cm

Width from righthand edge of base to left hand edge of shade 50cm (when fully extended 70cm)

Condition: good with slight flakes to the laquered paint finish around base and on one side of shade - see images.