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Beavertail Paint Brushes



Our handmade professional paintbrushes are a pleasure to hold, for their "beaver-tail" shaped flattened handles makes them very comfortable and accurate to use. The hand-bound pure bristle filling is black hog hair which, unlike synthetics, means it will handle oil-based paint equally as well as water-based paints – making the smaller sizes of these brushes ideal for the application of gloss and eggshell on woodwork around the home. The filaments have an extraordinary ability to hold paint, which will make light-work of the job in hand, and greatly increase the quality of your finished paintwork.

Hog bristle, steel binding and beechwood handle

1" brush:    Length 22cm  Width 2.5cm  £4.90

1.5" brush: Length 24cm  Width 4cm     £6.50

2" brush:    Length 25cm  Width 5cm     £9.50

2.5" brush: Length 27cm  Width 6.5cm  £13

3" brush:    Length 28cm  Width 7.5cm  £16

4" brush:    Length 30cm  Width 10cm   £23

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