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Rustic Bread Boards


A wonderful collection of antique bread boards and chopping boards.  Their time-worn, knife-cut surfaces, some with mends and repairs, are full of character and warmth. They make excellent communal serving platters for air dried ham, antipasto, breads, cheeses, and pickles; and when not in use, look great as a backdrop when propped up on the kitchen side.

We are selling these separately.  After reading the following description of each board, please make your choice in the box below.  Left to right:

A) Large blond-coloured board: H80cm W43cm / small hole and split to lower section (see image) SOLD

B) Large darker-coloured board: H80cm W43cm / three beautiful metal repairs, worn righthand edge, slight curve, split to board evident on reverse side (see images) SOLD

C) Smaller chopping board: H48cm W24.5cm SOLD

D) Large board with knotted wood pattern: H78cm W42cm / small charming metal repair to top edge, slightly curved (see images) 

Year of manufacture: 1930 - 1950

Origin: Europe

Material: various woods