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Tabletop chest

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Our Victorian tabletop chest of drawers has spent its life in a workshop. The upper drawers have been divided into compartments for nails, screws, bits and bobs – and it is steeped in the delicious smells of wax, turpentine and creosote.

Well-loved and well-used, the chest bears the scars of its life, and has had some idiosyncratic repairs and replacements to its parts over the years. One of the rear bun feet has been replaced with a foot of different design; the drawer knobs don’t all perfectly match; and one of the drawers has been rebuilt with the veneer on its reveal repaired here and there. This is all part of its irresistible charm and character – and is detailed in our photographs.

Please note the replacement rear foot – see image

Mahogany and pine

Height 54cm

Width 51cm

Depth 35cm

Out of Stock