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Tailors Shears 13”

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For the professional dress and suit maker, these large and beautifully executed shears are the tailor’s ultimate tool of the trade.  Manufactured in the traditional hand-made way by the most skilled of Sheffield craftsmen, these shears are designed to give excellent balance and comfort. The high carbon tool steel blades are hand ground and hand set, and will cut through all fabrics with absolute precision. The extra-wide handles with thumb rest make for comfortable long periods of use, and the big pivot bolt allows upright storage – so can easily be picked up and put down between use.  Correctly maintained, they will have an exceptionally long life.


Our scissors and shears are made by a family run business located in Sheffield, England - the home of British steel, cutlery and blade-making.  They are the last industrial scissor maker in the UK, and the oldest scissor-smiths in the western world being granted the Royal Warrant by appointment to her Majesty Queen Victoria in 1840. Each scissor is still hand-made, assembled and tested by craftsmen, using the skill and techniques honed and handed down over centuries. Hand-forged from carbon steel, they are then trimmed, dressed, sanded, drilled, ground, hardened, polished, assembled, and, finally, japanned – where handles are manually dip-coated in primer then in paint. The exacting process from start to finish is all completed by hand, by eye - by skill.  For instance, the grinding of the blades is completed on a saddle-mounted grinding wheel; a highly skilled operation carried out by a master grinder who has worked at the factory since he was 14 years old – one of the last traditional blade grinders left in the world.

High carbon tool steel with black handles

Length 13 inches (33cm)

Please note, our 13" tailor's shears are handmade to order - so please allow at least 6 weeks for delivery.

Out Of Stock