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1920s Anatomy Class Torso


A particularly fine and well sculpted 1920s life-sized educational model by Charles Verbeke, who manufactured and retailed school and medical learning aids from 95 Noordzandstraat, Bruges, Belgium.  

The plaster torso is mounted on a wooden base that has its original paper label. It has removable rib cage and organs, such as heart, lungs, liver and intestines.  Each organ is delicately hand-painted and bears various numbers in fine script. There's even a little sprung hatch sited in the colon, and when opened it reveals the appendix (see image). The appeal of this model is that it is has a head and a rib cage, and has a beautiful pale-porcelain coloured finish.

Manufactured by: Verbeke, 95 Noordzandstraat, Bruges, Belgium.

Material: plaster and wood

Country of origin: Belgium

Date of manufacture: c.1920 - 1930

Dimensions: Height 90cm Width 40cm Depth 25cm

Condition: exceptional for its age, with a couple of minor chips to the paint finish (see images).


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