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Victorian Canary Dome


A magnificent Victorian dome of beautiful taxidermy, housing yellow canaries perched within a hand-woven bower of intricate wire-work and silk. A true garden of delights, of threaded petals, leaves, flowers and fronds all set in a Parian ware urn.

This is an excellent example of the Victorian's obsession of creating intricate and unobtainable worlds within worlds, and combining it with their new-found Darwinian wonder of species and the natural world. The capture of avifaunal and botanical beauty, and the bringing of it into the heart of the home.  It is rare to find such an elaborate and decorative example, and in the truly wonderful condition that it is.

Year of manufacture: c. 1880

Origin: UK

Material: taxidermy birds, wire, silk thread, glass and wood

Height 65cm  Diameter 28cm

Condition: excellent


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